The Dyslexia Award Level 5 – Continued Professional Development (CPD)


At Dyslexia Matters® we are friendly, caring, approachable team of current practitioners , and our mission is to help people with specific learning difficulties and those who work with them.

When you train with us you will experience a warm and supportive learning environment and receive generous assessor input while gaining up to date, practical hands-on knowledge and access to online resources  placing you at the cutting edge of Dyslexia.

The Dyslexia Award is a short practical training programme, focusing on understanding and supporting groups of learners with dyslexia and/or specific learning difficulties taught through a range of videos, cartoons, activities and power points. It was developed in response to demand from teaching assistants/teachers/SENDCos for a shorter course on dyslexia to be available as an alternative to the Level 5 Specialist Teacher Diploma.

This online course. There are a range of activities and informal assessments.

Who can attend?

We recommend one of the following:

Teachers, HLTAs, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and those with a level 3 qualification or higher looking for a new career.

Level 5 Award Continued Professional Development (CPD) with Dyslexia Matters Certificate – £650

The course is delivered online. There are a range of activities and informal assessments.

  1. i) The course offers an interactive experience, the content of which is delivered through:
  • Reading materials/resources
  • Lectures
  • PowerPoints
  • Videos
  • Demonstration lessons
  • Cartoons
  1. ii) Candidates can work at their own pace and are welcome to repeat any lectures needing consolidation.