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What we do – Dyslexia Training

At Dyslexia Matters® we are a team of friendly caring, approachable hands-on practitioners.  Our mission is to help people with specific learning differences and those who work with them.

When you train with us you will experience a warm and supportive learning environment.  You will also receive generous assessor input while gaining up to date, practical knowledge and access to online resources.  This will place you at the cutting edge of Dyslexia.

Interactive Online Dyslexia Training

We offer a range of interactive online and blended learning training options, led by Julia and Liz, the directors of Dyslexia Matters.

They have a wealth of practical, everyday knowledge about how to support learners with dyslexia.  Our support learners have been heads of a specialist school for learners with dyslexia and associated difficulties. They both have personal as well as professional experience of the day to day realities faced by learners with specific learning differences of all ages. Julia and Liz are experts in their field and have written national qualifications, collaborated with universities and been recognised as outstanding practitioners. They have shared their expertise with schools, colleges, businesses and job centres, instigating innovative approaches and interventions, stemming from their wealth of experience. They have chosen a highly qualified team of hands-on practitioners to complement and promote their mission: to impact learners in a personalised and practical way. All assessors are Specialist Teachers, including the Course Manager, offering knowledgeable advice and appropriate guidance at all times.

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These are the courses for you if you are:

  • wanting to take your career in an even more rewarding direction?
  • looking to expand your professional skills by specialising in supporting students with dyslexia using practical, transferable techniques?
  • inspired by gaining the hands-on  skills to help your students with dyslexia get the most out of their academic studies and fulfil their potential?
  • Wanting to uphold the principles of the SEND Code of Practice (0-25)?
  • wanting to become more knowledgeable about the difficulties learners with dyslexia face and know what you can do about it?
  • keen to be aware of how and what  you can do to  support a learner with dyslexia in the classroom?
  • eager to develop your expertise and explore further opportunities to develop the direction of your career in a way that can make a real difference?
  • Principles of the SEND Code of Practice 2014 and providing practical solutions for the challenges facing staff and learners alike?
  • Meeting or possibly exceeding Ofsted standards for provision for dyslexic students?
  • Filling any gaps in your support for students with dyslexia?
  • Developing your teachers, learning support assistants and teaching assistants to become more skilled at supporting your students with dyslexia with practical hands-on support?
  • Keen to know more about dyslexia?
  • Wanting to provide help and impactful, practical  support for people with dyslexia?
  • Seeking a flexible and rewarding career opportunity?
  • Keen to know more about dyslexia?
  • Wanting to provide help and impactful, practical support for your child with dyslexia?

What We Offer