Workplace Training

Bespoke training packages for any environment.

We cater for a broad range of employees including school staff, administrative staff and construction workers.

We have a vast depth of experience in designing and building bespoke workplace training packages. Most importantly, we listen to your specific requirements. This means we can build a package to enable your organisation to achieve the required goal.


Standard courses

Typically our standard courses start at £40 per person. These courses generally take between 2 – 3 hours to complete.

Longer courses

We build bespoke packages, multiple courses or custom courses to suit specific requirements. These are priced on a case by case basis.

Workplace training bulk orders

Discounts are provided for bulk purchases. These are priced on a case by case basis.


How can we help you?
    • We can expand your organisation’s understanding of dyslexia. This will provide greater awareness of potential barriers employees might be facing. The opportunity to provide appropriate support will enable employees to optimize their contribution to their workplace.
    • We will provide you with the essential tools to support your employees and colleagues in their day to day work. This will promote confidence in the workplace and the ability to facilitate reasonable adjustments.
    • We can provide continued professional development to enhance individual and organisational skills bases.
Who is it for?
    • Employers who wish to support their employees
    • Executives and managers
    • Human resources teams
    • Recruitment departments
    • Education and support departments
    • Organisation wide strategists

How do we deliver the training?

Online learning platform

We have an online learning platform, therefore all of our training can be completed remotely. Subsequently, the courses are available at any time and can be completed at your own pace.  

Customised courses

We provide the option to customise the training at a minimal cost. Our specialists can design and produce videos specific to your needs. In addition, we also provide accompanying multiple-choice quizzes to help embed their learning.


We provide training for small groups remotely through video-conferencing/Webinars. This added option allows the delegate to ask any specific questions they may have. It also provides the delegate with an opportunity to participate in tasks and activities run by the course leader and expert.

When companies commission a bulk order for our courses we:

    • Embed logos
    • Set the training in context with any key policies 
    • Ensure that those taking part in the training have understood the key message of the most crucial policy
    • Personalise the CPD certificate using the company logo, as well as the Dyslexia Matters one
    • Offer a webinar follow up session


At Dyslexia Matters® we are a friendly, caring, approachable team of current practitioners, and our mission is to help people with specific learning differences and those who work with them. We believe in providing warm, supportive learning environments that reflect our up to date, practical hands-on knowledge, at the cutting edge of dyslexia. 

We have a vast depth of experience in designing and building bespoke training packages. Most importantly, we listen to your specific requirements. This means we can build a package to enable your organisation to achieve the required goal.

Dyslexia Matters Limited is recognised as playing a national role in disseminating good practise and encouraging the promotion of further understanding of learning difference within organisations. 

We offer a range of bespoke training programmes. We have provided training for the Fire Service, the Civil Service, Job Centres,  Police Force, housing associations and educational establishments, both nationally and internationally.

Example of a short workplace training course

Understanding and supporting dyslexia in the workplace and training environment.

This Dyslexia Matters virtual course is suitable for anyone who supports those in the workplace and/or in training, with a learning difference. 

It is aimed at anyone who wants to better understand how to build the skills to support learning differences into their everyday practice and deal more effectively with the issues that arise. It is ideal for support staff, managers, employees with an interest or brief in diversity and barriers to learning.

This course will be looking into the challenges facing people with dyslexia and how they can be supported in the workplace.


The content of the course enhances the participant’s understanding of the core characteristics of dyslexia, therefore, enabling greater knowledge and awareness of how to respond to learners with dyslexia, specific learning differences and barriers to literacy.

Teams that have received their training will be able to demonstrate that their organisation is supportive of people with learning differences. Thereby, contributing to a culture which embraces and supports learning differences with positive attitudes, behaviours and good communication. 

Course Content
    • Understanding the legal context of dyslexia, specific learning differences, barriers to literacy and the Equality Act 2020 
    • Understanding the core difficulties of dyslexia, specific learning difference and barriers to literacy 
    • Awareness of the support and guidance available for those with dyslexia, specific learning differences and barriers to literacy 
    • Practical responses to managing dyslexia, specific learning difference and barriers to literacy in the workplace and the training environment
Course outcomes 
    • Increased confidence/skills in offering colleagues and trainees advice and guidance for dyslexia, specific learning differences and barriers to literacy 
    • The definitive set of skills, knowledge and understanding to undertake a basic supportive role effectively 
    • Good practice and foster good relationships amongst diverse groups right across corporate activities 
  1. Understanding Dyslexia: looking beyond literacy skills, what are the challenges facing learners with dyslexia and how can we support them.

This module includes: 

      • Videos
      • Multiple choice quizzes 
      • Activities
      • Resources 

These all enhance the participants understanding of the core characteristics of dyslexia.

  1. Case studies

This module includes: 

      • Case studies: in the workplace 
      • Case studies: in the training environment 
      • Multiple choice quizzes 

On the successful completion of the course, delegates will be issued with a Certificate of Continued Professional Development certified by Dyslexia Matters. 

Who is the course aimed at?

Anyone supporting someone with dyslexia in the workplace. All of the skills learnt are transferable into any setting.

Course time

The virtual course will run at any time to suit you and will take approximately 2- 3 hours to complete.


Using our online platform, at work or in the comfort of your own home.